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Every company needs comprehensive cost reduction strategies in order to maintain competitiveness, enhance production or improve service in the long run.

Waste management expenses are often treated as a matter of minor importance among operating costs, and waste management costs are accepted without consideration.

Companies often believe that waste management is handled once the contract is signed with a vendor. However, vendors have to be monitored for performance, pricing and liability. Outsourced or not, the waste producer remains legally accountable from waste collection until the end of the disposal process.

It is vital for a company with a business strategy to monitor the productivity of every service, to define prices and responsibilities, as well as to prepare and initiate progressive, pioneering and cost-effective alternative solutions.

Please ask yourself the following questions regarding your company:

  • What new regulations have been passed in the last 12 months which might have a positive or negative impact on waste management expenses? Are there any alternative solutions from which your company might benefit?
  • Do you know where your waste and recyclables are going?
  • Have you received any information from your current service provider about alternative technologies, methods or strategies regarding the efficiency of waste management and the reduction of waste expenses?
  • Does your company take full advantage of the advanced waste management industry?

It is a fact that most companies do not have the time, the resources, or the expertise essential to benefit from the economic possibilities within waste management while complying with waste legislation.

We have 10 years of experience especially in this field and we offer you a tailor-made solution.

We do not request any payment in advance; we only charge our fee if we save money for your company and you are pleased with our service.

Please send us your availability, we will make an appointment and work out a proposal without any commitment or charge.

I am Péter Kiss, environmental engineer, registred waste expert
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