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What We Do

Today waste management has a different meaning, waste streams are measured according to its recycling potential or energy content. Waste producers have a big challenge to sort properly their waste and organize for recycling or energy recovery – all of this on a right and efficient way.

We have developed a proprietary process to identify and determine savings opportunities that help your company cut costs and raise incomes. The result is a fully operational, reliable waste management strategy that entirely meets the current waste management and environmental regulatory standards.

Main steps of a successful cost saving project:

Step 1: Current operations audit

Our experts review your current waste collection and waste handling procedures, such as waste composition, quality, quantity, collection and compression equipment, manpower and other expenses.

Step 2: Audit on legal compliance

Our experts check the licenses of the current service providers from the phase of waste collection to recycling or waste treatment. We also examine relevant legal regulations that might concern the waste producer.

Step 3: Strategic plan development and savings forecast

Based on audit results and savings opportunities identified per cost and waste types, RFM will develop recommendations for the most cost-effective improvements currently available. Applications will be customized by industry experts for your work site.

Step 4: Executive review

A comprehensive recommendation plan is presented to management for review and approval for all targeted areas.

Step 5: Plan implementation

Once management approval is obtained, RFM implements the plan. Vendors will be called for a tender and evaluated with the management. The plan will be executed by our staff and approved vendors. Reports will be made to management on an ongoing basis Staff and service providers involved will receive education.

Step 6: Program monitoring

We monitors your cost reduction modifications, ensuring that standards are maintained, that errors and overcharges are identified and corrected, and that the expected savings are achieved. In addition, regular on-site monitoring identifies new opportunities to save.

Step 7: Monthly reporting

Management receives monthly customized reports detailing your company's savings. You have 24-hour web access to all documents related to waste process, invoices, forms, weights, studies, and other information pertaining to your site.